Welcome to the ISO ClaimSearch Town Hall Webcast Series

Our ever-expanding webcast archive offers informative and engaging videos on the most relevant topics that affect our ISO ClaimSearch member community.

  • ISO ClaimAlerts™ – Monitor Claims So You Don’t Have To!
    (January 23rd, 2020)
    17m 36s
    Join this session to get a better understanding of ISO ClaimSearch’s Claim Alerts. If your company is not leveraging this free service this is a must view: and if you are using them attend this session for a deeper understanding of the Claim Alerts benefits and how you should leverage them into your claims workflows.
    A Holistic Vision for the Future of Claims Management
    (December 18th, 2019)
    30m 10s
    In 2019, thousands of customers transitioned to the visualized ISO ClaimSearch® interface and are now enjoying real-time claim analysis, valuable alerts, automated subrogation tools, and improved access to additional data—all within their workflow. In this end of year discussion, Carlos Martins discusses how 2020 will set the foundation for an exciting new vision—where insightful analytics are available at every stage in the life of a claim.
    Integration, Speed, and Automation:
    How We Can Help the Industry
    (October 30th, 2019)
    13m 52s
    Are you getting the most from your ISO ClaimSearch subscription? The modernized ISO ClaimSearch platform enables customers to reduce claims cycle time more than ever. Learn how you can increase efficiency and improve your bottom line.
    Vehicle Sighting Report
    (September 26th, 2019)
    16m 23s
    Join Verisk’s Lou Riggio and Michelle Miller as they explain how vehicle sighting reports can help you investigate auto theft, garaging fraud, staged accidents, and more.
    Advanced Analytics and Right-Touch Claims
    (August 22nd, 2019)
    21m 49s
    Jim Hulett discusses how advanced analytics combined with the right data and strategy, helps your organization enhance fraud detection, automate adjusters’ workflows, and reduce operational inefficiencies.
    Help to Stop Medical Fraud, Waste and Abuse
    (July 24th, 2019)
    31m 39s
    Shane Riedman, Director of Innovation will discuss medical provider fraud, industry fraud and proactive investigations, that leveraging industry medical data. Learn how to make better claim decisions and set a new standard for detecting medical provider fraud.
    Decision Net and the Power of Social Media for Claims
    (June 27th, 2019)
    27m 11s
    Michelle Miller and Lou Riggio discuss how social media can be helpful in your claim investigations. When should you use it and what details can it provide? Learn how social media investigations can help you uncover valuable insights about claimants and loss events.
    Streamline Your Claims Handling Process
    (May 23rd, 2019)
    21m 55s
    Lynn Roberts, Director of Customer Engagement & Operations and Tricia Rios, Director of Customer Engagement will discuss ways to maximize your ISO ClaimSearch subscription, streamline your claims process and specifics on the July 1st sunset date.
    Automating Subrogation Claims
    (April 25th, 2019)
    23m 19s
    Libby Price, director of product innovation for ISO Claims Solutions, will discuss the new Carrier Identified Notification and forthcoming Policy Insights Report and how these features can help you improve subrogation and reduce cycle times. Join us to learn how these enhancements can help you save time, increase productivity, and improve results.
    How Weather Analytics Helps Streamline Claims Handling
    (March 29, 2019)
    31m 50s
    Join us as Lou Riggio and Cortney Shepard discuss how Verisk's weather data and analytical tools are currently being combined with visualized ISO ClaimSearch and Decision Net Reporting to streamline claims handling, ease the investigation process and reduce processing time.
    Optimize your ISO ClaimSearch® Membership
    (February 22, 2019)
    53m 14s
    Join us to learn more about the value of optional data reporting and how to maximize the value of your ISO ClaimSearch membership. ClaimSearch leadership answers questions about the current data submission process, the impact of optional data on your match reports and the July 8th, 2019 sunset date.
    Visualized Match Report - Best Practices
    (December 11, 2018)
    48m 45s
    Do you want to become more effective when using the visualized version of ISO ClaimSearch®? Do you want to streamline your claim investigations? Join us for a detailed training session with the ISO ClaimSearch leadership team. The presentation answers your questions about workflow, information added to the visualized report which was not available in the prior match report and much more.
    PDF Match Report Process
    (October 29, 2018)
    47m 29s
    ISO ClaimSearch leaders cover the benefits of the new visualized match report, how PDF users can transition to the platform, and options for integrating visualized match reports directly with your claims system. They'll also provide insight into why we transformed the platform. This webcast is specifically for companies that print and distribute match reports to users via PDF, and companies that save match reports to an imaging system or their claims sy
    Our New "Visualized" Experience!
    (September 27, 2018)
    31m 50s
    Now that you've been using the new visualized version of ISO ClaimSearch®, we want to make sure you're ready to take advantage of all the improvements. This presentation provides detail on the system's upgrades to ensure that your team has everything needed to work productively with the new match report. You'll also discover insights into the reasons behind the transformation to the ISO ClaimSearch visualized experience.